Saura Pets is a project that was born for several reasons: necessity, love of animals, and personal entrepreneurship.

Necessity because we want the accompaniment of our pets to be something normal, without obstacles, so that getting around with them is convenient and easy.

The need to carry a carrier bag to restaurants, hotels or airports gave birth to the idea that the Saura Pets “Bobby” bag, was the first accessory to make us known in the market.

Love for Animals is the second important factor of the brand, and with this in mind, Saura Pets destines 5% of all revenues generated from this this project for different protectors and shelters.

“Saura Pets” is already born with several private adoptions.

Personal Entrepreneurship and the desire to enhance and highlight the value of the 100% Spanish-made product is the third hallmark of the brand.

All bags and accessories for "Saura Pets" are made by the company "The Gómez Design" in Prado del Rey - true artisans in the leather industry who truly know how to give our products the mark we were looking for.

The materials that we use in our products are chosen with the greatest care and their artisanal treatment makes them unique.

We employ the highest quality specialized craftsmanship.